Friday, July 22, 2011

Pictures Of Quljeed Somaliland By Cabdi Rashiid Qaado

Health Center Of Quljeed
 Quljeed Primary School
Quljeed Secondary School
Building Of Quljeed Hospital
Police Station in Quljeed
 Boys Of Quljeed Playing Football
Jemy From Quljeed Somaliland
Home Of X-President Dahir Rayale's Mother
Camels In Quljeed Area
 Girl Students Of Quljeed
 Girls Of Quljeed
Quljeed Girls
 Quljeed View From A Mountain
 Homes In Quljeed
 Up View Of Homes Of Quljeed
 Quljeed Homes
Quljeed Village View From A Hill
 Faysal Musse Bayle 
 Cabdi Rashiid Qaado Director Of Pictures Of Quljeed
 Cabdi Rashiid Axmed Maxamud
 Cabdi Rashiid At Home
 Cabdi Rashiid At Home
 Cabdi Rashiid At Home
 Cabdi Rashiid At Home
 Cabdi Rashiid Night Pictures
 Cabdi Rashiid At Home
 Cabdi Rashiid In Boorama
Cabdi Rashiid At Home In Boorama


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